Are you lonely in the workplace? Well you are not alone

June 05 2019
Lonely at Work_230

Are you feeling lonely in the workplace? Well, you are not alone.

Pets at work? Really?

May 13 2019
Pets at Work 230

Pet friendly workplaces are becoming more and more popular these days, with some of the world’s largest companies, including Google and Amazon,...

Bring your 'whole self' to work

April 30 2019
Authentic 230

Being totally ‘present’ - and bringing one’s ‘whole self’ to the conversation or situation - is crucial in the workplace.

Time to take the stink out of disgusting workplace behaviour

April 30 2019
Stink 230

Early on in my career I shared a small office with a more senior colleague who had a serious flatulence issue.  

Is your team talking behind your back?

April 16 2019

Every manager knows it: that nagging feeling that someone is talking about you behind your back, or even worse while you are in the room.

Moving forward with jargon will never deliver a 'win-win'​

April 16 2019
Touch Base_230

The next time you hear someone in your workplace say they will “reach out”, “fly something up the flagpole” or ask you to “buy in”, “workshop it”,...

Happiness seen as a business imperative

April 08 2019

Twenty years ago you wouldn’t use the words “work” and “happiness” in the same sentence. It just wasn’t done, or said.

Being a great leader...Are you a shark or a goldfish?

April 05 2019
Shark 230

When faced with challenges, some people become like goldfish: paralysed with fear.

So are you lonely? Well you are not alone

April 04 2019
Lonely 230

High profiles cases of sexual harassment, widespread bullying and an increasing incidence of mental ill-health featured prominently across the...

No imposterism in well-deserved workplace success

April 01 2019
Imposter Syndrome 230

Have you recently been promoted in your workplace? Been asked to manage an important project, or handed a new and important workplace...