Are Schools Killing Off Entrepreneurs?

October 04 2019

A VAST range of characteristics and qualities will be offered up if you ask business leaders to describe what it means to be an entrepreneur.

School leaders and parents must question the way classrooms are organised

September 10 2019

As a school leader, parent, or both, have you ever challenged the idea that arranging students in school class groups by age is the best way to...

The great school invasion: Black hawk helicopter parents

August 27 2019

An award-winning principal and friend of mine, much loved by parents, teachers and students in her current and previous schools, told me she had...

Size matters when it comes to burnout

August 14 2019
Size matters-230

It is arguably the number one topic on the long list of thorny education issues to have divided policymakers, academics, school leaders, teachers,...

How damn rude: Whispering in the workplace

August 07 2019
whispering in the workplace-230

Two of your colleagues are just metres away and engaged in an intense bout of whispering, occasionally glancing at you and giggling before quickly...

School leaders deserve the support of the business community

August 07 2019

There is a type of leader who has accountability for a budget that is often measured in the millions of dollars, responsibility for dozens of...

School leaders beware: Sacrificing self care harms

July 17 2019

A dangerous and flawed perception is doing the rounds of many schoolyards and it is one that is escalating – and rarely challenged.  

Change fatigue can be cured

July 02 2019

You need to lead a significant change program at your school and are already bracing for the resistant rants of some of your colleagues.

Rules, rules and more rules. How too many unnecessary rules kills engagement

June 24 2019

Have you got a job that has you so committed you jump out of bed faster than a runaway train for the daily commute to the office?

Feeling like a fraud?

June 24 2019

The room erupts in explosive applause. Conference delegates give you warm smiles and thumbs-up as you step off the podium. Others move towards you...